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Mistakes To Avoid When Using A Mobile Phone That Can Breach Your Privacy

The smartphone today is something that has become a mandatory component of day to day life and if you really think about it you will realize how many times a day you need to use your smart phone. However, the fact that we hear so many horror stories of mobile phones acting as a primary source of entry into somebody’s private information that has been misused by other parties is stunning. The main reason for this is that users do not pay heed to the fact that there needs to be every security measure taken when using a smartphone. Here are some of the bad habits that will definitely leave sensitive private info vulnerable.

Not locking your phone

It can be a little bit annoying is you have to keep on opening your screen lock every five minutes and while this may feel like a pain, without a screen lock you leave you phone memory, sim card Taiwan memory and everything else vulnerable to anybody who wants to access and use it. Even a screen lock will not stop people and with time it can be opened, but most people will not be able to get through the screen lock which is why you really need to think of it as the frontline security for your mobile. A screen lock password or a pin number would be the strongest method while the patterns of locking can actually be hacked really easily.

Joining any public Wi-Fi network

It is tempting to connect to the many public Wi-Fi networks that pop up every step of the way. They are easily connectable and cheap and guess what else? They are also very easily hacked. The information that you share on a public network can be accessed with surprising ease which means that you are opening yourself up to unwanted threats. Use a VPN is you really have to connect on a public network if not use the data network on your phone to get the needful done. Always play safe.

Failing to use antivirus or other software for security

It is not just your computer that needs to have security software installed on it. The phone too, is a computer is you think about it and it too requires certain security software to ensure that the threat of viruses and hackers are kept at bay.  Most people will buy the latest and most potent software for their computer but completely forget that their mobile also needs something similar. The Journal of Information Systems Technology and Planning has stated that more than ninety six percent of mobile phones do not have any sort of security software installed on them.